Oct 12, 2023
Alvea Wind Down Announcement

After careful consideration, we made the difficult decision to wind Alvea down and return our remaining funds to investors. This decision was the result of many months of experimentation and analysis regarding Alvea’s strategy, path to impact, and commercial potential, which ultimately led us to the conclusion that Alvea’s overall prospects were not sufficiently compelling to justify the requisite investment of money, time, and energy over the coming years.

Alvea started in late 2021 as a moonshot to rapidly develop and deploy a room temperature-stable DNA vaccine candidate against the Omicron wave of COVID-19, and we soon became the fastest startup to take a new drug from founding to a Phase 1 clinical trial. However, we decided to discontinue our lead candidate during the follow-up period of the trial as the case for large-scale impact weakened amidst the evolving pandemic landscape. Over the following year, we explored different applications of our accelerated drug development capabilities, from ambitious in-house R&D programs focused on potentially transformative technologies, to a partnerships program that made our rapid development platform available to other biotechs. Ultimately, we were unable to find a path forward that was suited to the current funding environment and sufficiently compelling to warrant forging ahead.

We are nonetheless excited about some of the vaccine technologies that Alvea developed, and are working to transfer these to partner companies who are well-positioned to continue their development. As part of the wind down process, we also helped start Panoplia Laboratories, a new nonprofit focused on early-stage R&D for impact-focused medical countermeasures.

While sad to be closing our doors, we are grateful to have had the chance to take this shot. We are especially thankful to the ~50 people who worked at Alvea since its inception, many of whom left other jobs on short notice, moved across oceans, dropped other projects, embraced crazy hours, confronted challenges of brain-melting difficulty, and much more, all in the service of Alvea’s mission, and all with the utmost care, competence, and professionalism. We are also immensely grateful to our investors and donors, who not only provided generous financial support of our work, but were true partners in our quest to navigate both the commercial and impact-oriented aspects of our mission. Our advisors and supporters from the broader biosecurity, effective altruism, global health, and biotech communities played another vital role in shaping our path, and we’re grateful to all of them.

Despite Alvea’s ultimate dissolution, we remain optimistic about future efforts of a similar flavor. We hope to see many other bold projects that refuse to accept the status quo, and that take a real shot at solving the most important problems in the world. We plan to work on more of these projects ourselves down the line, and in the meantime are excited to support others in this work however we can.