Let’s build the technology to stop future pandemics in their tracks

Alvea is a biotechnology company dedicated to deploying medical countermeasures that fight infectious diseases. We are developing new vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and its variants as step one in a plan to strengthen humanity against future biological threats.

Our mission /

To Build a Vaccine Platform for Pandemic Response as Global, Flexible, and Fast as the Pathogens we Face.

We’re a team of drug designers, clinical development experts, physicians, and operators dedicated to deploying novel medical countermeasures for use against pandemics.

We build simple, scalable, and shelf-stable medicines and prophylactics appropriate for use anywhere that humans call home.

Leadership /

Our teammates, funders, and advisers are world-leading experts in biotechnology, pandemic prevention, and clinical development.
Grigory Khimulya
Cate Hall
Kyle Fish
Maximilian Schons
Ethan Alley
Board Chair
Kevin Esvelt

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Careers /

The threat from new pathogens has never been greater. We need motivated, fast-moving people with a broad range of backgrounds and specialties.

If you think you’d be a good fit, or you want to hear more about opportunities at Alvea, please get in touch.

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