Our values & culture /

Alvea’s culture is different from most companies, and most startups:

We believe in moving very fast.

New pandemics could take humanity by surprise, and when the time comes we need to be prepared to move quickly. This affects everything we do, from setting ambitious timelines for efforts to design new drugs, to setting up new business systems. Moving fast is both what’s required of us, and has the added benefit of helping us spot opportunities for improving the state of biopharma that others do not.

We emphasize outcome ownership.

Every individual at Alvea is responsible for specific product, research, or business outcomes. We give individuals, across all functions and teams, clear projects that they are responsible for, and then a very high degree of autonomy to accomplish the outcomes that they are measured against. To support this, and ensure that both wins and failure are recognized, we believe in brutally honest, direct, and frequent feedback, including for people in positions of leadership and authority.

We’re driven by our counterfactual impact, including worst-case scenario disasters we help prevent.

We came together to stop future pandemics and to build a shield that can protect humanity from future biological threats. We ship products and make money to further our goals, but always remain clear-sighted and focused on what we can do to protect humanity from disease. We’re very lucky to have mission-aligned funders who care about doing as much good as they can for the world as well.

We're building a kick-ass team, not an org chart.

We make each other laugh, operate with a high level of trust, and have each others backs. We see the health of our team as a shared responsibility. We value meaningful relationships with fellow Alveans and we have each other's back in small moments and major initiatives alike.

Available Roles /

Open Application - General Interest

COVID-19 killed millions, caused trillions of dollars in economic damage, and caused untold suffering around the world. The next pandemic could be even worse. We need motivated, fast-moving people with a broad range of backgrounds and specialties to make sure this never happens again. Your skills and experience might be just what we need.

Please note that due to a high volume of applications, we will only be in touch if there is strong interest in your application.

Benefits /

Alvea offers an extensive range of benefits and perks for yourself and your family. We aim to prioritize your health and wellbeing, allowing you to be your best self, at work and elsewhere.

Do the best work of your career and join in our mission to reduce vaccine inequity and prepare for future global health threats.

Health, dental & vision coverage
Employees, Dependents
Unlimited paid time off
401K retirement plan